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What is your Resol-YOU-tion for 2023?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Happy New Year! Instead of making a resolution this year how about resolving to put YOU first. Resol-YOU-tion! Wouldn’t it be fun to create something just for you as we come into this beautiful year?

A new you can feel hopeful and often becomes short lived. Taking ourselves to the next level takes time and effort. Often it is the time for ourselves that haunts us.

In a coaching session last month, a client was feeling frustrated about the new year approaching. She hates resolutions (don’t most of us) and yet she feels inclined to make a few every year. When I asked her to expand more on why she has frustrations she told me how her intentions are always genuine on January 1st but it happens way to quickly that things start to falter because of other obligations. “My 15 year old needs a ride to basketball, clients need my time so I work later than intended, I’m asked to chair a new committee, and before I know it I’m obligated to their needs. So me working on me doesn’t seem to be an option.”

I think we can all understand her frustrations. I believe that taking baby steps is the best way to move our dreams forward. When I asked her what time for herself meant she named several things and the one that was her most important was her own space. A place in her home were she can just be with herself to read, meditate, or binge shows on her laptop.

So, we started there. Where could she create that space. She lives in an historic home and the space is limited however, after walking her mentally through her home she had an aha! There is a rather large alcove in the upstairs that she could make do for now. She has a friend who decorates and during 2020 crafted spaces in homes that kids could use for their virtual school. Now my client was excited and was gleefully putting her space together. She called her friend after our session and got the ball moving. Now she is looking forward to 2023. Just one small step and she can now envision herself creating her dreams.

What is a small step you can take this week to have a Resol-YOU-tion in 2023? It doesn’t have be big it just needs to be a step. A step for YOU!

Shine your light!

Warmly, Tracy

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