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Deprivation: /dep-ruh-vey-shuhn/

Years ago I was challenged to a week of media deprivation. For 7 days no TV, listening to the radio, no reading, no spending time on computers (this was before we had smart phones). The purpose of this assignment was to cut down the chatter of outer influences so we could hear ourselves and reclaim our inner voice.

At the time, it really wasn’t that hard. I remember it feeling challenging for the first few days and then I found myself journaling/writing, cleaning the garage, I started yoga (which wasn’t that easy at the time) and enjoying being outside. I felt calmer. I found myself mediating more and visiting without distractions with friends and family. And the funny thing is I slept sounder and food tasted better.

When the week was up, the one thing I didn’t miss at all was the daily news programs. Since that time I rarely engage in the news. I do choose to read news online when I want to know about something going on or stay up on current events. I love I get to choose what I want to delve into. This is empowering to me. To me the news and social media, gives others permission to create our inner world by letting them decide what is meaningful, important, and necessary instead of us listening to ourselves and knowing what is best.

I have had people ask me how I can possibly know what is going on if I don’t have on the TV to watch the news. “What if the world was ending or meteor was ready to hit earth? Wouldn’t you want to know?” My answer: “Believe me, someone will tell me because people love to engage in bad news.”

I am thinking it’s time for me to take a media, reading, listening to podcast and books, and let my mind find me again. To get quiet and see what is aching inside of me to come forward so I can create a more loving, peaceful, abundant life. I am curious how I will do.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to some deprivation? Take a week off from social media, binging on streaming your favorite TV apps, or even shutting off all screens at 7 pm? Is there other ways you can give yourself the grace of time off from something so you can hear your beautiful still small voice? Think about and let me know how you do.

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