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Come Home to Yourself...

with Tracy Sidell

Certified Life Designer® Coach


“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction”  Germany Kent

Hi, I'm Tracy...

Before we were born we were clear on why we chose to come here. We knew our mission and the path. While germinating in our mother’s womb we knew our purpose.


As we transition, was born, to this place; we knew our quest. Our first breath gave us untethered life and it also took our first breath away from our knowledge of our pursuit. Rather by design or folly each breath fades the memory of our passion.


At (Re)Mind Yourself Coaching we assist you in awaking those forgotten promises. By rekindling the magic of you so you can forge your path the way you intended.


Come home to yourself and live with more purpose, meaning, love, joy and magic.

Do you want to learn by love or continue to learn from struggle, fear and anxiety? You do have a choice.

Why Coaching?

Are you contemplating coaching? I, for one, moved out of anxiety and fears by hiring my own life coaches who facilitated my growth, helped hone my inner strength and unleashed my power to be successful and joyful.  When I was at my most vulnerable I took the leap and made the investment in coaching. This investment in myself paid the highest return in terms of my personal, professional and spiritual life. 
I offer 1:1 coaching to move you from where you are to where you want to be. If you are ready to let go of self-doubt, sabotage, overwhelm, and fears and become the co-creator of YOU. Contact me for pricing and packages


Your Magic

"Find the life underneath your situation." Eckhart Tolle

Choose Your Path

1:1 Coaching

This one-on-one private coaching package we will discover and slay your dragons of self-doubt, confusion, fears or what ever your restrains are to uncover the brilliance of YOU!

Focus Session or Energy work

Write Now!

A private session to dive quick and deep into your vision and passion or release unwanted habits and behaviors. 

 Let's talk journaling! 

Book a Consultation


Catherine M.

Tracy has that rare gift of being able to really listen when I share, and regardless of how personal the information was she was completely non-judgemental. Through asking questions about what I was saying, she was able to help me move past the stuck place I was in and come up with a plan, some action steps I could begin to take to help me start moving forward! She's a gem to work with no matter your goal! 

Complimentary 30 minute session

Let's get to know each other

“Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before.” ― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Let's Connect  /  208.841.8070  

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