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1:1 Coaching

This one-on-one private coaching package we will discover and slay your dragons of self-doubt, confusion, fears or what ever your restrains are to uncover the brilliance of YOU! 

We start with a complimentary discovery call where we will discuss your desires, your hopes, your needs, wants and the direction you are looking move your life.

These session may include Reiki, Theta Healing, and other intuitive and empowering modalities. 

3 month or 6 month package includes:

1 hour session every other week via Google meets or phone call

15 minute check in session the opposing weeks of the 1 hour sessions.

Focus Session or Energy Work

A private session to dive quick and deep into you vision and passion or an unwanted habit and behavior. In these session we may use Reiki, Theta Healing, and other intuitive and empowering modalities. 

This 90 minute session can be enjoyed in person if you are in the area or just as effective we can work through Google Meets.

Write Now! 

Years ago,  Julia Cameron introduced me to Morning Pages through her book The Artist Way. Through stream-of-consciousness writing in the morning we relieve ourselves of the monkey mind that inhabits us daily. This simple tool can change your life. 

Enjoy my free daily prompts and on-line workshop, To Right Your Life; Write Your Life.

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